Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Biologico

Cultivar: Roggianella, leccino, coratina, nocellara e carolea. (Calabrian indigenous varieties).

Altitude: 450 m asl (Civita) – 600 m asl (Monte di Cassano).

Soil: Clayey- calcareous soil (Civita), Red soil, rich in iron and magnesium (Monte di Cassano).

Harvesting Period: Early ripening: it is generally achieved at the end of October, but for some very late cultivars it can reach up at the beginning of December.

Harvesting Method: Hand picking only.

Harvesting Pressing: Cold pressing, ecologically continuous cycle within 8/12 hours of harvest.

Certification: Biological.

Fruity: Middle / Intense.

Aspect: Excellent density and consistency.

Colour: Green with hints of golden yellow.

Storage: Dark green bottles of 500 ml and 250 ml and cans of 5 lt.



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